Scott has been working for G&K Plumbing Company, INC. since 1999 and a Licensed Journeyman since 2005. He is also a licensed Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventor tester.

Scott Wilson

Eric has been working for G&K Plumbing Company INC since 1982 and a Licensed Journyman since 1987

Eric Brinker

Licensed Plumbers

James has been the owner of G&K Plumbing Company Inc. since 2001 He has been a Licensed Journeyman Plumber since 1976 and became a Master Plumber 1998. He is also a former Board Member of the Cincinnati Master Plumbers Association

James H Wilson

We believe that it is the talent and dedication of our employees that makes us standout from our competitors. Each one of our employees cares passionately about providing the highest level of customer service.


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G&K Plumbing Company INC is a family run company proud to serve Cincinnati and it's suburbs with complete plumbing services, commercial and industrial. As our company has expanded we have aimed to ensure that each new employee shares our dedication to the plumbing industry, providing every customer with the best possible service. G&K Plumbing has a long standing association with the Cincinnati Master Plumber Association and the Associated Master Plumbers of Northern Kentucky in recognition of our professionalism, our constant high standards and our devotion to the maintenance of plumbing systems.

We are proud that G&K Plumbing Company INC has remained true to our original aim.

Excellence is the Norm and Integrity our Guiding Principle.


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